Where does the private space begin and where does it end? Whose private space is it? Mine or the captured person’s? Who is entering where?

The medium is the negative, the subject is the everyday life of Torgyán. How do we react when entering the private life of a man, who shares a one-bedroom panel apartment with his mother, a dog and a cat, and when we face all the absurdities of his life? The photographs show us a dimension, where we do not know, cannot know, which part is true and which is just for the show, but these correlating reality-layers are the ones creating that complex texture we define as life, in this case as the private life of Torgyán. Actions occurring among the four walls of our home by ourselves within our private zone only concern one: us, alone. Gaining insight into such deeds is an intimate act, which is bound to the permission of the revealing one. We give and gain permission, triggering the collision of private spaces. Who is entering where?

These pictures crawl inside your private space, demanding answers.

Do you dare to expose yourself? You can't help but to do so.

But there's nothing wrong with that. 

Szandra Ruda, 2014