I remember one afternoon when we were picking flowers with the girls in the courtyard. Beyond the closely-spaced bars of the blue fence, out of reach, glowed a lonely red poppy. We asked a passer-by to pick it for us.

I was inspired by my past, my memories. I was interested in stories told from different perspectives and different timeframes, as well as the intertwining of fantasy and reality, and their effect on one another. I wanted to link my past to my present and re-discover the significance of the memories that were so alive within me. Photos, with their compressed timeframes, become three-dimensional thanks to the presence of various meanings all at the same time: memories, realisation (or the interpretative reconstruction of the past) and the re-interpretation of the viewer.

My images are inspired by family events, experiences at school. I place these personal memories in a new context through the present interpretation of my past. My three main motivations in confronting the past are the permanently recurring memories, the feeling of nostalgia that accompanies them, and my faith in my intuition. By bringing these memories out of my personal space and making them public, I place myself outside my past, outside myself, and from a creative standpoint, consider a given period dealt with.